Class - The Shatters

In this class you will learn how to avoid and reduce damage to your dog.
This class can be taken BEFORE bringing a new puppy home, or DURING, if you already have a ravaging dog, and you still can't teach it.

From $9.990


Class - The Bathroom

In this class, you will learn everything you need to know about how to teach your puppy to go to the bathroom in a certain place.
Ideal to take this course BEFORE your puppy comes home, and also for those who already have a dog and have not yet been able to teach him.

From $9.990


15 minute online counseling

Ideal for clarifying specific short questions about your dog.
You can take this session to complement any On Demand Class, or any other session you have taken with Carol. You can use it to keep track of a previous session, or to ask for guidance on a specific topic that has come up.
If you have doubts, if with this advice you can solve your problem, please contact me before HERE.

From $19.990


45 minute online counseling

Before starting to train your dog online, it is ideal to do an evaluation, so that you can tell me about the problems / goals you have, and thus we can personalize and define the best program for your dog.
You can also take this session to solve certain problems specific to your dog.
If you have doubts, if with this single session you can solve your problem, please contact me before HERE.

From $39.990


Package: New Dog Advisory

New family member

If a new puppy has arrived or will come to your house, whether it is a puppy or an older one, you are surely full of questions. In this PACKAGE of classes I help you solve the most important things!

The topics included in this package are: The Bathroom, The Destroys and you will have a live ONLINE counseling with Carol for 15 minutes to clear up additional questions, such as: Where to make her sleep, food suggestions, useful toys to buy and general recommendations .

With this advice you will know how to start this adventure WITH THE RIGHT “LEG”!

Package Detail:

The Bathroom Class: $9.990

Los Destrozos class: $9.990

15 minute online counseling: $ 19,990

Total: $39.970 /  Offer  $29.990


Basic Program: Good Indoor Dog

Live Online Classes with Carol

Price: $210.000

payment with Webpay (includes Credit Card up to 3 installments without interest)

Discount Price: $200.000 *

(* exclusive payments with electronic transfer)

Focus on: Dogs of any age, without education.
It includes: 8 sessions of approx. 45 minutes each
Basic manners within the home, such as:
 -Proper hygiene habits (pee and poop where it should be)
 -Avoid damage
 -Don't jump to humans
 -Do not disturb while you are eating
 -Do not run when opening the door
Some of the behaviors you will learn in this program:
 -respond to name
 -sit down
 -to lean 
 -quiet, among others.

To hire: Contact me


Advanced Program: 
Good Outdoor Dog

Live Online Class with Carol

Normal Price: $315.000

payment with Webpay (includes Credit Card up to 3 installments without interest)

Discount Price: $300.000 *

(* exclusive payments with electronic transfer)

Focus on: Dogs from 2 months to 18 months of age.
It includes: 12 sessions of approx. 45 minutes each
Everything included in the "Good Indoor Dog" program, plus:

Manners away from home:
-Walk on the leash without pulling
-Come to the call
-Pay attention to the human during the walk
-Information on how to socialize your puppy properly with other dogs.

To hire: Contact me

For the Basic and Advanced Program, as the classes are Online Live with Carol, please contact me, to see availability of schedules before paying.

How do the Online Classes work?

Some classes are "On Demand", which means that as soon as the payment is confirmed, you receive a link to access the class.
Some classes are Live Online with Carol. For those classes, you must schedule the hours on the class calendar. You will have access to the calendar once the payment is confirmed. These classes are done through ZOOM.
ZOOM is a video conference system, for which you don't need to have an account. I send you a link, and you click there and access the program. You can download it to your computer or on your phone. You only need a camera and microphone so that we can connect and I can see the things you do with your puppy, to help you.
Seguramente te estás preguntando: “¡¿pero cómo puedes ayudarme sin venir a mi casa?!”.

Surely you are asking yourself: "but how can you help me without coming to my house ?!"

Simple! Through the tools that technology gives us, I can help you in many ways! I can give you access to recorded classes with all the material you need, you can ask me limited questions live through online sessions, or we can do a complete training online, as if I were sitting in the “living room” of your home guiding you through the process ... together… we can train your puppy! No matter where you are.

Beneficios de la modalidad online:

Benefits of the online mode:

They are many! With Classes On Demand, you can have access to the material of the class immediately, to solve the problem NOW. You don't need to wait for a coach to have time to come to your house. Also, when YOU TRAIN YOUR DOG directly, the puppy pays more attention to you! As a bonus, I tell you that for some shy dogs or with aggression problems with humans, it is much less stressful, since a "strange" trainer does not come to the house to try to interact with them.

Thanks to Good Dog ...



Deciding to train my dog Nicanor during this quarantine period, and in the online method with Good Dog it was a great decision, since class by class we were planning the exercises according to the needs of my puppy, who at that time needed me to We taught habits and correct some behaviors, which happened very quickly, effectively and kindly for my puppy. I recommend 100% the online format since the class is directed by an expert person, but at the same time you are the one who gives the instruction to your dog, which creates a special bond with him, we even had the opportunity to do a great class while we walked it. The classes are complemented with digital tools such as videos and guides, to later review the exercises and achieve better results.

Paloma Suarez

Las Condes, Santiago



Kiara is a very active and affectionate mongrel, as a puppy she acquired the customs and habits of our bulldog ... taking them out for a walk was an odyssey !! Until we got to Carol and with her online classes we learned, among other things, very important tips. What used to be a tense and difficult walk we have been transforming into a pleasant time, where we accompany and enjoy ourselves. We are very grateful to Carol, her teachings, disposition and training.

Veronica clarke

Las Condes, Santiago