Carol Goldschmidt has a Master in Animal Behavior and Welfare of the University of Guelph, Canada.

He currently lives in Chile, where popularized the Clicker training. Has been panelist and required as expert in several TV and radio programs in Chile over the years as: Animal Brigade and Welcome from Channel 13 and good morning to all of TVN, to name a few. In addition, she has been invited as expert speaker on congresses in Chile and abroad. It was founder and president of the Association of Professional Canine Trainers of Chile (APDT Chile). He has dedicated his life to helping dogs and their humans get along better, through the education of both. Besides that he does consultancies in institutions like Zoos and Bioparks abroad, where he works with other species of animals, to improve their quality of life, through training and environmental enrichment.

My mission

I do what I do because I want to see that the dogs that come to a home stay in it, and do not end up on the street. The best way to achieve this is by educating the dogs, so that it is a pleasure to live with them. If a dog is well educated, it is not necessary: lock him up when visitors come, take him out of the room when you are eating, leave him at home when you go out for a walk ... an educated dog ... a GOOD DOG, can be anywhere, and go everywhere !


"It seemed powered by a nuclear reactor!"

Shortly after moving to Chile, Paloma and I adopted a puppy rescued from the street and named him VASCO. He had the typical energy of a 4 month old puppy - and much more. It seemed powered by a nuclear reactor! We quickly learned that we had adopted an incredibly anxious and hyperkinetic dog. We read a ton about dog training and did what we could to teach him basic obedience. He reacted wildly to almost everyone and especially other dogs. He would jump up and tug on the leash, moan and bark. It was a nightmare to take him anywhere outside the house. We were frustrated and this was beyond our abilities. That's when Carol came to the rescue! She changed our little puppy's life (and made our lives easier). Carol improved the training Vasco already had, taught me and my wife how to be better trainers, and helped us take Vasco to another level in terms of your obedience training. Carol walked us through various exercises that helped Vasco calm down, better absorb his training (and stop bouncing around like a nuclear powered maniac). Knowing a bit of training before meeting Carol, we were impressed by her knowledge of behavioral science, but on top of that she seemed to have a creative solution to all the problems that came up. Carol continues to be part of Vasco's life and helps us find the best resources for dogs in Chile, everything from toys, food, care for the holidays (including internship with training in her own home), to trusted veterinarians. Carol is a big part of how Paloma and I learned to give Vasco the best training possible.

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